Sunday, August 12, 2007

10 Ideas For Your Reception

In our second installment of "10 Ideas" We are exploring the reception. Obviously, there are 1000s of tips I could give but these are a few that we have picked and will continue in the next few weeks. We want to know what you think, did you see a great centerpiece at a wedding? Did you find an amazing cost-cutting tip while planning your own wedding? Help us out and email us at we would love to publish it in a later post.

1. Avoid getting trapped by a long-winded talker at your reception by assigning an attentive bridesmaid who will know to rescue you if you're in "conversational distress." I realize this may seem drastic but you have no idea how difficult it is to speak with everybody and still have some time for yourselves.

2. Consider how your color scheme will look in your space and what ambience you’d like to create. Warm shades, like coral and gold, create coziness while cool tones, like emerald or turquoise, make a room seem large and airy.

3. In lieu of a traditional guest book, pick out a pretty planner or date book and ask guests to sign on their birthday page. You'll learn who among your friends and family shares a special day—and have a future record too!

4. Set out a Polaroid camera and pens and have your guests take and sign snapshots of themselves; then have one of your bridesmaids tape them into a poster-board collage for everyone to enjoy.

5. Connect with your guests by sharing something from your childhood. Offer a favorite snack such as caramel popcorn or marshmallow twists, or potted flowers from the area where you grew up. Attach a short note to explain the significance.

6. If you own a Mac, create your own iPhoto guest book with Apple's iLife software: Choose your theme, select and arrange your photos, and customize in many other ways. Technology can fit in anywhere.

7. A fun alternative to the bouquet toss? An anniversary dance. Married couples join on the dance floor and are eliminated by the number of years they're been married (from fewest to most). The last couple standing shares their secrets to marital success; in return, they get the bride's bouquet. We realize this one may be out there but its always a nice dance even if it isnt in place of the bouquet toss.

8. How to honor your parents on your big day: Display framed photos of both sets on their wedding day in a prominent place at your reception.

9. Enlist attendants to help decorate your venue. String votives from trees, frame windows with tiny white lights―anything to give your site extra flair.

10. If you've discovered the perfect reception site but it's not quite big enough to hold all of your guests, increase its size with a tent.

Happy Planning!
Ninth Street Events Staff

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