Monday, August 6, 2007

10 Ideas For Decorating

10 Ideas for Decorating

We have decided to start a new weekly post titled "10 Ideas" and each week we will publish 10 ideas for a particular area of your wedding. Please feel free to send and ideas you may have to and we will post them in a later segment.

1. Get the most impact from your flower budget by investing in arrangements that guests will be looking at the longest: your bouquet and the centerpieces.

2. Use beads, brooches, jewels, pearls and charms to dress up a simple ribbon-wrapped bouquet.

3. Move beyond monograms and create a decorative logo to "brand" your wedding. Designs can be based on your initials, but can also incorporate your hobbies and interests. Use your personalized logo on save-the-dates, invitations, napkins, table decor and more.

4. To personalize cocktail napkins in an unexpected way, think beyond using your names. Printers can ink a quote or a line of poetry on the napkins for the same cost.

5. Spruce up your centerpiece by adding lots of votive candles they're affordable and give a table instant glamour, bathing everyone in a flattering light.

6. Instead of complex floral arrangements, consider drop-and-go solutions, such as potted flowers or bonsai plants placed in pretty containers.

7. Cost-effective flower fillers like star-of-Bethlehem and sweet william can be combined with more exotic varieties to stretch a budget.

8. For cocktail centerpieces, fill vases with brightly colored candy. Buy the sweet stuff in bulk from Candy Warehouse (

9. If nature already did a nice job of styling your setting—with trees, flowers, mountains or just a clear blue sky—consider your decorating done.

10. Make purple your dominant color to set a regal, sexy tone for your event. Think centerpieces of lilacs, shot glasses of borscht (an Eastern European beet soup), and purple passion cocktails.

remember to send us your ideas or leave comments about any of the ideas we print. We would love to hear about great ideas you have come up with. Just remember that possibilities are endless. Dont let anybody tell you that it cant be done.

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