Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Flowers, Invitations, Caterer.... As your big day approaches you might find yourself reminiscing about your free time. Here at NSE we wanted to give you a few tips on how to reduce your stress and regain your sanity.

1. Stay organized from the beginning. Nothing is more frustrating than looking for misplaced contracts or lost cards. If you keep everything in a centralized locale, it will save a lot of time later when reviewing and confirming information. (Binders are the happy couples best friend.)

2. Don't have unrealistic expectations. First off things will probably run a little late allow yourselves extra time. If you invite kids there will be a time when they are loud. You might trip walking down the aisle or repeat your vows incorrectly. It's OK. Stuff happens. Embrace it. It's what makes your day memorable.

3. Don't be afraid to delegate. Decide in the beginning what is most important to you and what you wouldn't mind relinquishing control of. Allow your family and friends to help with the less important details. Most people would jump at the chance to help, freeing up your time. Just remember not to micro-manage. Nobody likes that.

4. Hire competent professionals. Ask for references and portfolios. The more comfortable you are with your vendors the less worrying you will do. Hiring family members or friends might seem like a good idea but believe me it's really tricky. If they mess up more often than not your going to screw up your relationship. Feel free to incorporate their talents in smaller more intimate details. Professionals are more reliable. Believe me you will feel better.

5. Plan a weekly date night with your partner. Go see a movie or go to dinner. Just get out of the house. Reconnect. I know the budget may seem tight but this will not break the bank.
Remember absolutely NO talk of the wedding.

6. Maintain your perspective. When you get overwhelmed look at your day like an outsider. If you were invited to your friends wedding, would you still care about the china pattern? linens? or brand of wine? By all means take great care with your details just keep some perspective.


7. Breathe. I know easier said than done. Just remember that this is supposed to be fun. Enjoy the ride.

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