Thursday, June 28, 2007

25 Secrets to Keeping Everyone Happy

THE FOCUS OF THE WEDDING is you and your groom, but the secret to a truly joyful celebration is remembering all the other people involved in your day. Choose a few ideas from the list below and you'll be the bride of the year.

1. Treat your attendants like the friends they are - not servants
2. Create a registry that fits everyones budget; include some group gifts
3. Avoid serving food that's not universally loved (chili peppers, liver, brussel sprouts)
4. Make sure the music isn't so loud that it drowns out conversations
5. Mike your ceremony if it's outdoors- guests will want to hear your vows
6. Pick centerpieces that are beautiful, but not so elaborate that tablemates can't see each other
7. Trust your mom with atleast one major job (working with the florist, tracking RSVP's)
8. Arrange pre and post transportation for guests who can't - or dont want to drive
9. Let your vendors do what they do best; resist the urge to micromanage
10. Ask your dad's opinion about something important- the wine, the menu, anything that lets him know hes a vital part of your day and not just a check writing machine
11. Personally greet every guest at your reception
12. Have cool drinks, fans and shade at the ready if hot weathers in the forecast
13. Discreeetly help out friends and family for whom an out of town wedding is a financial burden
14. Choose outfits that all of your bridesmaids can afford
15. Be kind to singles. Dont throw them all together at one big table- being unmarried or dateless is not a conversation starter. Instead, seat them with people who have similiar interests
16. Invite your little sisters best friend to the reception to keep her company
17. Dont forget to feed the photographer and band
18. Suggest a range of accomodations - not everyone can afford to stay at the fanciest hotel
19. Dont even think about having a cash bar
20. If money's tight for your pals, suggest a bachelorette party everyone can afford
21. Limit the break between the ceremony and reception to no more than one hour
22. For out-of-towners bringing their children, line up reliable babysitters
23. Have the DJ play some oldies so your parents and their friends will dance
24. Offer a vegetarian entree choice
25. It's a long day for everyone, so start on time and keep toasts to a minimium

Pick a few of these and really try to stick to them. We realize that some are just not going to happen but keep them in mind

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