Thursday, December 27, 2007

How to Toast the Happy Couple...and Survive!

Here at NSE we have attended numerous wedding receptions and there is no more dreaded time than the toasts. Many "toasters" are terrified at the prospect of speaking in public, especially at such a cherished event. And the couple is usually nervous for the "toasters" which means everyone winds up holding their breath and waiting for the toasts to pass. It's very awkward. Well NSE wants to offer a few helpful tips on writing a meaningful and fun toast to the couple, which should put even the biggest nerves at ease.

When you have some free time, and are not distracted, sit down and jot down any ideas, themes or memories that you want to include in your toast. Now look at your list. Eliminate anything that is offensive or embarrassing. (Remember if you wouldn't want to tell the story to your grandma, make sure to omit it from your toast.) Now eliminate any story or theme that is unclear to an audience or take to long to explain. The key to a good toast is brevity. (Honestly, guests, for the most part, don't care about your toast so keep it brief or you'll lose your audience)

Now it's time to write your toast.


Be sure to first identify yourself and how you know the couple because not everyone will know who you are. Next get every ones attention with a joke or charming anecdote. Also don't forget to thank the host for throwing such a beautiful event. If you don't know who is hosting, just thank the couple for being invited to such a beautiful event.


Add the rest of your notes here. Keep the attention on the couple, not yourself and make sure you include the bride and the groom equally. Make sure that you sound well spoken but not snobby and keep things relaxed and fun.


Close with a blessing or good wishes for the couple. Be sincere and genuine. And remember to invite everyone to raise their glasses!

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