Monday, June 11, 2007

Planning Your Own Wedding Step 1

Usually, a couple allows a year to plan their wedding. This is great if possible but we do understand that sometimes due to other reasons this is not possible. If you have two months, it is still possible to have your dream wedding you just might have to search a little more for what you want.
First off, you want to create a binder. Before you do anything, set aside a large binder and create an ideas section. Everytime you see an image you like, cut it out or write it down and place it in this section of your book. I know that we at Ninth Street Events come up with ideas while we are laying in bed at 2:30 in the morning, we keep a notepad next to the bed, write it down and attempt to get back to sleep. You might not remember your greatest idea in the morning.
This section will help you down the road when you are trying on dresses and looking for centerpieces. It might not be possible to recreate it exactly but you will be amazed at how close you can get. Something as small as a votive holder might inspire the entire theme for your wedding.

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